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Landing Page Websites

When a reader finds and loves a book, they will often go in search of the author. If they cannot find them online, they will move on to another author. If they can, that reader has started the process of transitioning from a reader to a fan.

Having an online presence is an essential part of building an author career. Social media can be a $0 option, but you get what you pay for. Along with being subject to the whims of algorithms and plaforms, social media accounts require readers to hunt through feeds to find information. Websites provide a place for readers to quickly and easily find an author’s booklist, newsletter, and links to other platforms.

Though powerful tools, many new authors overlook the importance of websites because of their potential cost. Custom websites are great, but they are often far beyond the budget of new authors, and the monthly costs of subscription-based website builders can add up fast.

Iron Fiddler Creative’s landing pages are semi-custom websites that are built from an existing template design in order to keep costs affordable without sacrificing the greatest strengths of having an author website.

Template Designs

Template Design V1
Template Design V2

Professional Emails

Websites are powerful tools for readers to find authors. Newsletters are powerful tools for authors to contact their readers. But to have a newsletter, you need a professional email with your custom domain.

Iron Fiddler Creative’s website clients can choose to add a low-cost professional email account to their web services bundle.

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